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Cloud Computing

We offer cloud computing related services.

IT Security

We offer services related to IT security.

Computer Repair

One of our most common services is computer repair.

Network Design

We commonly help small businesses with network design.

Data Backup and Recovery

It’s never a fun situation, but we can help with data recovery.

Cyber Security

At the front of mind for many is cyber security.

Strategic Planning

When you have a large project, planning is essential.


What People Are Saying

Doug has been instrumental in helping us process data and improve our internal efficiency.

Adeline West


Michigan IT Management was great at helping resolve some security issues we were having.

Rachel Graham

Bloom Co.

Setting up API integrations is often a pain in the rear. Doug took the time to figure out the intricacies for us and ensure we could load all of our data where we needed it.


Media Saga

Doug from Michigan IT Management was great when we needed to setup a new network and a number of devices. He made sure everything was connected and secured. Would recommend.

Ada Leonard

Monarch Inc